The Cottage

John and I have found a house. Well, he found it in the midst of his month-long house-hunting extravaganza. He drove up and down streets for hours looking for signs, spoke with every realtor in Carteret County and in the midst of it found….. The Cottage.

It is perfect! Right on the water with a big back deck. It’s tiny, but the perfect size for John and me. The floors are bright white linoleum and so my main concern now is finding a way to cover the brightness in an economical fashion. John is going to build us a table, and we are going to have lovely pots of lavender on the deck, and maybe some bamboo…

We will put up our “_____ Family Est. 2009” sign (thank you Julie!!!) and we will finally be a little family together. We will finally be free of dog and cat hair and are going to buy a little sailboat and John will teach me how to sail. Beaufort is going to be an amazing place for us to start our life together, and I can’t wait to be with John every day!!!! He is the funniest (and he doesn’t realize it), most forgiving, patient, organized and careful (extremely important to me!!!), bravest, strongest man I can imagine. He’s reading Leviticus in a landromat somewhere in Morehead City right now, and I wish I could be with him………. But I will be in two months and eight days!!!!!


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