Full Catastrophe Living: Belated Happy Father’s Day

I am getting married in seventeen days. That is basically two weeks. Most of the big stuff is taken care of. The number of bridesmaids I have is still wavering from 8 to 9, I don’t know what our recessional is going to be, and my dress still needs to be altered. But other than that things are going smoothly. Or, in the words of a wise man: There is no problem.

Which reminds me of my daddy. The closer I get to the wedding, the more I am realizing that I just want to stay his little girl and move back home with him and watch the birds from the tea house porch and drink coffee with him. I told him this yesterday, and he said it was fine, if I could afford the rent. He is so funny. So in honor of my daddy, here’s a list of why I love him.

1. He is hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

2. He always sends me presents for Easter and Valentines

3. He teaches me the names of all the birds on his estate

4. He taught me how to appreciate music (vivaldi to van morrison, the beatles, mozart, handel, gilbert & sullivan, the talking heads)

5. He somehow found time to go exploring in random creeks with Davey and me. and kite flying and swimming. adventures all the time.

6. showing me the movie Babette’s Feast

7. i doubt it & the other card games that we spent thousands of hours playing

8. Giving us wide pastures

9. Never ever yelling or being mad

10. He doesnt care what other people think. Truly.

11. Grimms Fairy Tales

12. oochic phee (sp?)

13. Those afternoons at Davis Kidd

14. He always asked us hard questions and made us think.

15. Going over the multiplication table with me ad nauseum in 3rd grade. Buying me books all the time. Encouraging me to get Bs in school.

16. He is the most generous person I know

17. He listens to me

18. He always asks me how wedding plans are coming along and listens thoughtfully as I rant about cakes and flowers and other drama!!!!

19. Full Catastrophe Living— The fact that his reaction to seeing that book title is to know that the book itself can’t be anywhere as good as the title itself but remembers the title and thinks of it as a great consolation. And the fact that he can just tell me those three words and we both just get it and don’t really have to explain why it is the greatest title ever.

20. His NRA ring

I love you Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!


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