machines turning into robots, fruit flies etc

we drove all the way to jacksonville last night to watch transformers 2. it was almost 3 hours long, the movie was. the drive was about an hour each way. i love being with john so much that it was fun watching machines turning into robots for 3 hours, cause i just got to sit next to him. and that’s saying a lot because typically i do not enjoy, and even actively dislike, watching machines killing other machines.

earlier in the day we battled the fruit fly infestation that despite all our efforts to clean, has not gone away. at one point john was in our bedroom and sort of hollered out, ‘Laurie, are you sure you don’t have any food stashed away somewhere?’ like i keep oranges in the sock drawer or something. but i’m absent minded and once put some expensive cheese in the knife drawer when i lived with amanda (rather than back in the fridge) and a couple of days later scoured the fridge for it and assumed she ate the whole thing. ‘Not that i know of,’ I hollered back. We both were wondering why the infestation seemed so much worse in the bedroom. Finally I picked up one of john’s duffel bags, which had been sitting on the floor about  a week, and about 300 of them flew out of it. He immediately carried the bag outside, shook it out– and out came a banana peel. he said he put it in there a week before our wedding.

anyway he made some ingenious traps and so they’ve been dying in cups of white wine covered with plastic wrap with tiny holes in the top. on to watch Babette’s Feast.……


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