pears neighbors boats & roman candles

We lead a quiet, humble life here in Beaufort. Where a visit from our neighbors or setting off a few fireworks constitutes big news. Our next door neighbors (sister and brother-in-law of our other neighbors, the ones we rent from) heard from a friend of theirs that we had been going to First Baptist, so they came right over and introduced themselves and told us an amazing way to cook the pears that are falling on the little tree right by our house. Yesterday the husband brought a little pie dish of the selfsame pears that his wife had cooked up for us. Delicious. So neighborly, so like the south.

We almost finished writing thank-you notes last night listening to Buddy and Julie & set off a few roman candles off our back porch, towards the river. I normally detest things that explode, but I bravely set off a few of them.

Oh, and we bought a sailboat.

our boat!!!!
our boat!!!!

Yes, one of John’s friends sold it for dirt cheap because he was afraid Hurricane Bill was going to mess things up or something. It’s an International 420 & needs a lot of work, but fortunately every single person who lives here knows how to fiberglass or use fancy boat glue to seal up leaks. So my sailing education will continue.

Also, I am gainfully employed for almost the first time ever. I have spent most of my twenties avoiding this state of affairs, but now reality sinks in. Off to shower, find some respectable garments of some sort, and head to the school to turn in some paperwork and try to figure out what in the world I am going to do with a dozen small children every day after school for three hours…………


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