This article is really good.The author is Rowan williams. The essay talks about grace for the body, and about the complications and risks inherent in our sexuality & speaks of celibates thus:

“Their decision (as risky as the commitment to sexual fidelity) is to see if they can find themselves, their bodily selves, in a life dependent simply upon trust in the generous delight of God – that other who, by definition, cannot want us to supply deficiencies in the bliss of a divine ego, but whose whole life is a ‘being-for’, a movement of gift.” He speaks of our actual bodies as sites of God’s grace, as needy bodies whose true nourishment is truly the body of our Lord Jesus Christ. which is the same old story, really. what augustine was saying, what the psalms are about. what the song of songs sings of– “let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!”

Also, went to Charlotte this weekend. The sermon was on Jesus and sex. Christ Central is going through a sermon series called the Christ of Christianity, and there is one called “Jesus the Shrink,” one called “Jesus the Feminist,” etc. Needless to say these look like some interesting¬†sermons. Howard Brown is, as always, a stunning preacher.