no war

The shield-making went well. No one got too covered in tempera paint. I didn’t mention the crusades or rant about how Jesus is the prince of peace. Several of the children got pretty creative– a few just covered the whole thing, the red crosses varied in shape and size, but for the most part, the children just made shields with crosses and then moved on to play scrabble jr. One girl, a fourth grader (and not a native English speaker, I should add), spent a long time working and brought hers for me to see once she was finished. She had painted a neatly done cross, and across it, with one word on either side, she had written, ” no war.” I almost cried. I took some pictures, which hopefully I will be able to post here soon. I mean, seriously. It was unreal.

“I will cut off the chariot from Ephraim,

and the war horse from Jerusalem;

and the battle shall be cut off,

and he shall speak peace to the nations….” Zech. 9:10


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