the movie, shields, and am i pregnant?

Just finished watching Arthur. Amazing. I love it.

On a whim this morning I decided we’d make shields today in After School & so bought a bunch of this foam board stuff and cut out a dozen shield shapes. we’ll paint red crosses on them and write out Psalm 3:3 on the back (You, Lord, are a shield around me”). Although I think the white shield with the red cross is associated with the crusades,  which I do not support or condone, and I hope in making these I do not send a message to these children that violent, imperial, selfish conquests of the middle east are really our goal and purpose in life.

I’ve been feeling tired, sick to my stomach, and ache-y lately, and of course, I assumed that I must be pregnant. And most food has seemed repugnant to me for a few weeks. Took a home pregnancy test, which came back negative, but those things can lie, you know. Never hurts to be on the safe side when there might be a little person growing in your womb. So went to the ob-gyn this morning, got tested, and, quite anti-climactically, am not with child. In a sense it was a relief. we are hoping to wait a couple of years longer, etc. But everywhere I look there seem to be pregnant women, or women with tiny babies in their arms & a part of me was so sad. Even though I guess it’s crazy to be sad about not being pregnant if you’re using birth control. Alas.


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