cauliflower recipe

This recipe is amazing. If anyone knows any dark secrets about the cauliflower industry, please do not tell me.

And:  “The world’s idea that everyone, from childhood up, should be able at all times to succeed in measurable ways, and that it is a great disgrace not to, hangs over the Christian community like a pall of acrid smoke.” (J.I. Packer, A Passion for Faithfulness: Wisdom From the Book of Nehemiah)

“like a pall of acrid smoke.” Nice, Packer. I mean, amazing. Incredible. Absolutely. That is THE problem with a certain Divinity School whose name shall remain unsaid, but it rhymes with fluke.  Obsession with performance, with measuring success (and the problems that arise when the ones who decide how to measure success measure it in ways that are often totally incompatible with the kingdom of heaven). The ones who get scholarships being the ones without souls. Ahem. I digress. I’ve ranted enough for one day, and on an empty stomach at that (at least, if you don’t count coffee as food, which my sweet husband annoyingly doesn’t. He has this uncanny obsession with having me eat three meals a day, not counting coffee). Must. Go. Find. Some. Food. That. Is. Not. Industrialized.


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