This is sheer genius. If you are kin or kith of mine, DO NOT LOOK AT THIS BECAUSE IT IS YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT. I guess I probably need to check with John first though. So maybe not.

Heifer Intl is another amazing idea for Christmas presents that you don’t have to wrap and that make the world a better place. when you buy gifts like these, you’re being kind of a modern day Robin Hood. Think about it– by not pouring all of your hard earned money into the cash registers at malls (and hence into the pockets of the billionaires who own these companies), and by instead giving that same money to the poor……. Just think about it. It’s so renegade and awesome.

It’s just sad that Christmas (like weddings) has become one of those untouchable places where Christians can’t really ask each other hard questions about spending. All bets are off when it comes to Christmas. It’s further sad because the Christmas that we know, love, and participate in, is the Christmas that was delicately and deliberately manufactured and presented to us by the companies who want us to buy their stuff. A hundred years ago, people ate a good meal, sat around the fire, and were happy if they got an orange as a gift. what has happened?