orange macaroons

One good dessert that doesn’t call for dairy (or loads of shortening– eek!): macaroons. I always thought that a macaroon was by definition a little ball of shredded coconut with other stuff in it. Not so. Here’s a recipe that just looks so pretty. You make it with Grand Marnier (or a less expensive orange liqueur!). It calls for almond paste, which turns out to be a little pricey. I’ll make these tomorrow or weds and let you know if it’s worth the expense of the ingredients!


4 thoughts on “orange macaroons”

  1. huh? You’re such a good homemaker!! I vote buy the Grand Marnier. Mark and I bought some 2 years ago for an anniversary dinner recipe and it cost about 30 dollars, but we still have 3/4 of the bottle. Most recipes that call for it only call for about a tablespoon, so it’s not that pricey in the long run. I’m guessing the bottle will last us about 6 years.

    Hope you’re doing well in Thanksgiving preparations!

  2. Almond paste…. It was just at Harris Teeter. I think in the baking aisle! As for being a good homemaker…. It’s easier to put pictures up than to actually make the recipes. Still haven’t gotten around to it, yet & already getting overwhelmed about cooking for Tgiving. Esp. the gravy………… eek! I think I’m going to make those macaroons tonight, though. I’ll let you know if they turn out ok!

  3. So… I made them tonight. Didn’t use grand marnier! Just triple sec. Also I omitted the almond extract. They also needed some time to chill before I rolled them into balls– the dough was really sticky. Also, I think I would not add any sugar next time, because the almond paste has a lot in it already! But they are delicious & very pretty.

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