The day Jesus was manifested to the wise men, to the gentiles. To us. I thought something special might happen today, maybe another star or something. But then, I haven’t looked up at the night sky in awhile. Too busy washing dishes, holding a grudge, worrying about activities to do with the kids at school. Or, too, I forget that He must keep appearing. Jesus comes to us, reveals himself to us, appears– new each day. I guess it’s our job to watch the stars and keep a look out. We can’t fossilize his presence from yesterday. So. Listening to Sinead O’Connor’s album Theology. Never listened to her much before, but it’s lovely, mostly right from scripture. From the Old Testament. Ah, back to dishes, daydreams of frankincense and myrrh. Praying for him to come back. Stargazing.


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