this job shouldn’t make me cry….

I’m not even a real teacher, but somehow all this planning and prep work and trying to research the liturgical calendar so as to achieve some semblance of Catholic-ness to this program (I mean, what exactly is ephiphany anyway, and how do I tie that to something other than a lame coloring sheet of the three wise men i mean, i could make a kings cake or whatever it’s called, but honestly do i have time for that???), trying to plan activities that are engaging and possible for kindergarteners and fifth graders (the former who can barely tie their shoes or use scissors and the latter who find everything dull except wiis or dsls or whatever it is that the kids are doing these days) and then there’s the trying to not let these children throw chunks of ice at each other’s heads or make random animal noises while they do their homework… And then trying to plan meals and keep the floor swept and keep my rosemary plant alive during this cold snap and find time to talk to parents and friends etc. on the phone…………….. Anyway, I ended up crying a bunch before going in to work today, which is crazy because I’m working part time, and I’m not even a real teacher. Furthermore, I wanted to post about this amazing cauliflower recipe that makes me weak at the knees, but I am being coerced into going out to play cards so I don’t have time to do the recipe justice. On the bright side, I have a wonderful husband who has washed the dishes not once but TWICE already today and who doesn’t complain when we have a dinner that consists entirely of cauliflower.


1 thought on “this job shouldn’t make me cry….”

  1. On Mardi Gras, a lot of churches have a pancake supper. When Granny went to St. Ann’s downtown, You kids and I went to the pancake supper and saw Bob Heminger doing the Laendler. At Haywood, I made corncakes- I took an electric griddle, had a box mix and oil….

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