I took a trip to Jacksonville (an hour away) to go to Target on Saturday.  It’s strange living in a place where Target is so far away…….. But, armed with some gift cards and a sense of adventure, off I went, mostly in search of my annual white t-shirts. And found the PERFECT ones. They are basically the same as boy v-neck shirts but ever so slightly more feminine, a little longer, etc.  $8 each. I got 3 white ones and a pink one because John likes bright colors. I would wear white, gray, and black every day if I could. But try to wear pink etc. for my honey. Sometimes. Also, John has ALREADY done our taxes. Amazing man.

So. Today after church we went to the beach with our crew and played frisbee for about 3 hours. We’ve been doing the same thing for the past few weeks, but sometimes it’s football instead of frisbee. Anyway, John is AMAZING at ultimate, made all of these incredible superman catches and played some sweet defense. Everyone was just in awe, but none more than me. It was just a great afternoon all around. Sunshine, not too much wind, great friends, red frisbee in hand.

Until this one point where another girl was being like triple teamed and I started shouting “THAT’S DOUBLE TEAMING! YOU CAN’T DO THAT! TIME OUT! TIME OUT! STOP STOP STOP!!!!!!!!” So everyone kinda stopped playing, because this crazy girl was yelling “TIME OUT” at the top of her lungs. I proceeded to explain that only one person can guard the man with the disc and the next closest person has to be 10 feet away or whatever. They all sort of looked at me like who invited the wierdo for a second and then we resumed playing. So I’m mortified, to say the least. Shoulda kept my big mouth shut. But honestly. Why would they ever imagine that having three people right up on this girl was remotely ok? Downfalls of being an oldest child… this obsession with rules………..