transmission fluid

Before John left to go hunting (have I written about how he left for four days to go hog hunting? in a swamp in South Carolina? and plans to strap a pig on top of the Buick to bring it home? so yeah……… ) he told me to go buy some transmission fluid and ask one of the guys at the store to put it in my car. I have never heard of transmission fluid before, but I know that transmissions are important, so I resolved to do what he had said. Mostly because I am convinced that my 1992 Corolla will last for 5 more years. At least. If I take care of her.

So on my way down Arendell I kept an eye out for some sort of auto place. I decided to see if a small mechanic would do the job for me instead so I could give my money to a real person and not a big company.  So anyway, I pulled my car into this little lot at a place called City Tires and Brakes or something like that, parked my car, and walked into the office. A kind looking gentleman with white hair came in and said, “What can we do for you?” At this point I panicked, because it seemed so silly for me to walk in and ask for them to put transmission fluid in my car, especially with my not ever having heard people talk about the need to put it in a car. I mean, I know all about oil, how important it is, where to put it, how to watch John change it, etc. But this stuff, what is it?  Is it real?! So this man looked at me and asked what I wanted.  ” Um, I was wondering if y’all could put some transmission fluid in my car?” He sort of looked at me for a second, like what is this crazy girl talking about, so I quickly asked, “Is that a thing?” And he laughed and told me to pull the car around.

Anyway, they did it and it cost $3. I know, good story huh? Life in the fast lane, people. Life in the fast lane.


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