Radical sermon series

I mentioned this sermon series (David Platt, Brook Hills Church in Birmingham, AL) a few days ago. I just finished the last one and I would encourage everyone to drop whatever you’re doing and listen to these sermons. I try not to recommend sermons and books too often because most of us are already over saturated with stuff to read, do, listen to, watch, etc. But these are amazing.

[May 2012– I recently checked this link to make sure it works, and it seems like they’ve established a whole para-church organization called “Radical,” and their website is now where these sermons is located. It seems a little icky to me, but try to ignore the website’s fluff and just listen to the words.]

This guy is a Baptist preacher and says things that people in the PCA don’t say. As much as I love the PCA I have to mourn because we don’t live like Jesus really meant what he said. We live like we believe a couple of verses in Romans 3 and like when Jesus said “do not store up treasure” what he really meant was, it’s ok to store up treasure because you’re saved by grace so your actions don’t matter and you can spend your money on eye shadow and bronzer and spring clothes and fun and nice cars and big tvs and movie tickets. I have to mourn because most of us don’t see or have never experienced or can’t imagine the beauty of letting those things go so that Jesus really can be everything. The beauty of resolving not to buy new clothes so that we can experience the radical provision that God promises. The unutterable sweetness of going deeper with Christ when you actually start giving things away. Arg. I really meant not to rant about this but just to recommend this sermon series. And I’m ranting at myself. My complacency about the poor and lost. My desire for comfort, security, and pleasure. May God have mercy on me, a sinner.


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