grocery budget update, so unimportant when my hometown is under water

A propos of my recent post about grocery money, here’s an update: Grocery spending today (for the week)– $57.20! Not down to $50 yet, but I was out of olive oil so $10 of the total bill was buying a new bottle of that. Better than the $80-100 of previous weeks. I know, no one cares, and probably most people spend less than that anyway and it’s no big deal, but  I want to be able to record some progress and keep myself accountable.

Saving a little money on groceries, however, seems so trivial when you think about other things going on in the world. Like parts of Nashville being totally under water. My dear, sweet old Nashville.  My little brother works for TEMA (Tennessee Emergency Management) so he’s got his hands full. Apparently 1st and 2nd Aves are both under water, which is beyond crazy. I think a lot of people are without drinking water (funny how we get up in arms when Americans are without water and most of the time don’t worry about the people all over the world for whom this isn’t a once in a lifetime inconvenience but a daily reality). Here’s a picture from The Tennessean.


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