grocery budget update, week 2

Darn it, I spent $80 today. But olive oil was buy 1 get 1 free in glass jars, and I couldn’t pass it up. And I decided to buy some honey ($6) to try to make granola bars from scratch…. I know, excuses, excuses. But I did stock up the pantry so hopefully next week I’ll just buy eggs and some produce from the famers’ market. Thankfully john is a champ and eats leftovers that I’ve given up on (my hero!) and makes his own meals (see photo below) out of whatever random things we have in the fridge. I probably shouldn’t advertise that I let my husband eat like this. Oh yeah, the granola bars didn’t stick together, so I just have granola. Hmph.


1 thought on “grocery budget update, week 2”

  1. The granola was fantastic my love and the open face grilled cheese with ham and tartar sauce that’s pictured…..delicious

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