Basic H! (or, in my husband’s words, more liberal propaganda!)

So in my pursuit to reduce plastic (and nasty chemicals I pour down the drain) I have been daydreaming of something to use for dishes that won’t take as much plastic as buying a new bottle every time we run out, something less expensive than fancy environmental brands (Method, 7th Generation, etc). I haven’t used Basic H yet for dishes, but it’s the next thing on my list to try.

I’ve recently been using Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap (which I use for shampoo, body wash, and house-cleaning), but it will end up being a little expensive as dish detergent. So Basic H, the flashback from my childhood and super-concentrated (i.e., less plastic, less oil/gas used to transport needless water weight, etc.!) all-purpose cleaner! You can supposedly use this for everything, so I am going to try it out on dishes. And other stuff.

It’s biodegradable.

And cheap! Very, very economical.

And a 16 oz bottle creates 48 gallons of cleaning solution.

For real. I’ve been looking around the Shaklee website, and it looks like they have a host of other awesome (concentrated and environmentally sound) cleaning products. One of my current life goals here is SIMPLICITY, though, so I am going to try me some Basic H and see how much traction I can get out of that. They’ve also updated their packaging since the late 80s, so their stuff looks pretty sweet, too.


2 thoughts on “Basic H! (or, in my husband’s words, more liberal propaganda!)”

  1. I have a Shaklee membership, and you can get it through Myron and Barbara Frank if you want. I have her email address. I still use basic H for my leg shaving stuff. I should put it in my thing for dish soap, too. I love you, Mom

  2. Soap in hand washing and dish washing dispensers is more concentrated than it needs to be. When the dispensers get low, I start adding water. Works just as well. Stretches the soap 2 or 3 times farther. Saves money, reduces waste. Ditto Windex, etc.

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