styrofoam? seriously?

I won’t go all into this issue, but last week I noticed that the school where I work was serving the students lunch on styrofoam plates. It could have been the accumulated stress from work so far this semester along with the fact that I was about to engage once again in the terrifying process of having lunch with 18 four year olds, but I almost started crying hysterically when I saw it. Yes, I am turning into that person. The crazy lady who cries because of styrofoam. But styrofoam isn’t just kind of bad for the environment/human health. It’s really, really bad. I had heard somewhere but thought I could be mistaken, but then researched and found out I was right, that styrofoam has actually been outlawed in certain civilized societies (i.e., Seattle). It’s that bad.

Anyway, I found this company, World Centric,  that sells sustainably produced and compostable/biodegradable plates (and cups, utensils, etc.). They offer a 25% discount for non-profits and schools. A little less plastic. One less thing to go into a landfill.


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