Yes I can!

“It is a truth almost universally unacknowledged that pickling is the supreme demonstration of human civilisation”*

I used this recipe to make some pickles today!!! I have been seriously craving pickles recently (not pregnant, don’t worry) and I also feel sickened by pickles in the grocery store (again, I realize this sounds like a symptom (?) of pregnancy, but I’m not). So. I went to all the trouble of having John** buy me some pickling cucumbers at the farmers’ market today. I went out and bought some pickling salt and spices and voila!!! I only made two jars (the market was almost out by the time John bought them, but I found a Down East guy who sells produce off 101, so this coming Saturday I will pickle some more!) and I think we have to wait for 8 weeks to eat them……

Anyway, pickles are supposed to be very good for you. See here for some amazing and intimidating information about fermented vegetables! On to kimchee………..

* Only, of course, the British could laud pickles in such an allusive, pretentious, and dry manner. From the, an article about the history and health benefits of pickling, which are myriad. This article also notes that as far as we can tell, “the art of cucumber-pickling was carried to Europe by the Jewish Diaspora.”

**a little Deep Thoughts reference there


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