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One of my goals right now is to reduce the amount of waste my household produces. An easy way to do this is to buy less plastic crap. Plastic water bottles (even if you recycle them! Recycling is NOT the answer! The slogan should be Reduce Reduce Reduce! rather than Reduce Reuse Recycle!) are so bad. Really, so bad. Watch any documentary about the environment or the water crisis and you will see what these water bottling companies are doing. We should be boycotting their products just because of how terrible the companies are, let alone the whole plastic thing.

One solution: stock up on stainless steel water bottles. And consider glass! We save glass jars from spaghetti sauce to carry water on the go. I just saw these glass decanters— 6 for $24 (and free shipping). They look so nice, and you can buy a little sleeve thing to put them in to protect from breakage. One less thing to throw in the landfill.