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So once upon a time I was perusing the Asian section at the grocery store and saw an Annie Chun packaged dish of sprouted brown rice. (Sprouted is health-nut code word for superiorly healthy version of something that is already healthy. Basically, crazy people eat sprouted things so that they can feel better about themselves. I am one of these people). The package touted all these health benefits, and since I am in a perennial search to heal my life’s ills through nutrition, I bought it (with much, much guilt about the plastic bowl and packaging).

It was delicious. I vowed that I would learn how to make this. In traditional Laurie fashion this took about 5 months on my to-do list (lack of adequate vitamins, no doubt) and finally…… I tried a batch.

It was delicious.

Here’s the recipe:

1 c brown rice (i used short grain; must be brown; white won’t germinate)

2 c. warm water (not boiling)

2 T apple cider vinegar (or whey if you’re one of those really, really crazy people who makes whey)

Stir all the ingredients together and let sit for 7-24 hours, changing the water every 12 hours, rinse, and then cook according to regular directions. (I actually left mine all day and then overnight, for a total of close to 20 hours without changing the water, and it still tasted pretty good, and I haven’t died yet. The rice actually tasted better the second day. Oh, and it didn’t look sprouted when I started to cook it– the rice grains looked much the same, but when cooked you can tell.)

Basically, it’s delicious. Just serve it up with a big warm dollop of butter and you are good to go. Sprouted rice is apparently, in contrast with regular brown rice: easier to digest, contains more fiber,  vitamins, and enzymes such as gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), which may have anti-anxiety properties, assist the nervous system, and promote better sleep and immune functions.

Seriously, it’s super easy, and I am not kidding so, so tasty. Also, it is very, very inexpensive. Annie Chun’s tiny bowl costs maybe $4? You can make 10 times that amount for less than a dollar. It’s very filling, and you could make an easy peanut sauce and add some veggies for a whole meal that costs almost nothing. And you can get the added joy of being kind of a food snob!