breakfast, and other miracles

Wow. This time last week I was teaching school with strep throat. I survived and feel fully incorporated into the world of adulthood, the world in which you arrive at a place where you actually feel pretty good with a 100 degree fever because it is a little easier to teach kids than with a 101.5 degree fever.

Now let me just say, if I haven’t made it clear yet in this blog. I hate pharmaceutical companies. I hate the American medical establishment almost in its entirety. I strongly believe that Big Medicine is organized around only making money and attempting to keep people chronically ill in order to do that. I hate taking medicine. Except for Nyquil, but that’s a story for another day. But other than Nyquil, forget it.

But after weeks of trying all sorts of natural remedies (sucking on garlic; eliminating sugar, alcohol, caffeine; drinking all sorts of tea, taking olive leaf, lysine, and astragalus capsules, neti pot etc) I just felt worse. Worse and worse.  While teaching pre-school and running an after school program.  So I went to the dr., they swabbed for strep and gave me some antibiotics.

I took them and one ibuprofen (sp?) for the stomach pain (swollen lymph nodes in my middle section and it was AWFUL) and then slept for 4 hours. I woke up and felt a million times better.

Saturday we packed up the house and left for Charlotte. Sunday morning…. Christ Central Church. Words utterly fail to express how amazing it was to be back there. We spent most of Sunday afternoon with my former two roommates and their husbands and now one baby! Who would have thought… The weekend included a great dinner with friends, the annual Club St. Christmas party, Julie’s annual Little Women watching party, and general joy.

But the most amazing part was breakfast Monday morning. We woke up at Lis and Jer’s and John went to get some coffee and Lis started thinking about breakfast and said, “Well, we have some cereal I think…” So we wandered into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and said, “Or we could make some eggs,” and started pulling out eggs, chevre, and jalapenos. She went over to the pantry and saw a box of red quinoa and then told me about this recipe for it that uses almond milk and calls for pomegranate seeds, blackberries, and toasted pecans. So she starts rinsing the quinoa, puts some pecans in a pan to roast. Out from the fridge appear a bag of fresh pomegranate seeds and blackberries. And a tin of Julia’s sweet rolls. Oh my dear goodness. Made from scratch. She put those in the oven to warm. John got back from getting coffee. Lis asked him if he wanted some sausage. Asking John if he wants sausage is like asking a hipster if he wants some skinny jeans and a free ticket to a Sufjan concert. So he started cooking up some sausage, which it turns out comes from a beautiful farm that Lis and Jer went to themselves. Real sausage from a decent farm.

After the sausage was done he scrambled some eggs in the grease and then ate the eggs and sausage and some of the sweet rolls, which were now warm. The eggs looked so good that Lis scrambled up some for me and her. We ate them topped with a pile of chevre and sausage. And the sweet rolls. All I could think was: this is the only thing I ever want to eat for the rest of my life and in heaven too.

By then John was done and Lis told him they had some tamales in the freezer. That they had hand made. From scratch. She asked if he wanted some. Which he did. She put several of them in a steamer on the stove. By then Lis and I were stuffed, but the quinoa was done, so we put a little in our bowls, topped it with berries and cinnamon and we all finally sat down and finished the umpteenth course of the most amazing breakfast ever seen, possibly in the whole course of human history. Cinnamon rolls, tamales, red quinoa topped with blacberries, pomegranate seeds, and toasted pecans. Scrambled eggs with chevre. Real, real, local sausage. Amazing.

The weekend also included the retrieval of our wedding cake from Amanda’s freezer, getting to repeat several verses of Joy to the World spontaneously at church (THANK YOU GIORGIO YOU ARE AWESOME), also getting to sing Hark the Herald Angels Sing AND Go Tell it on the Mountain, and totally winning a game of Settlers of Catan and Crazy Chinese Card Game (both times on a team with Lis who is awesome). And the Eagles beat the Giants in maybe the most amazing quarter of football I have ever watched. Anyway, praise God for antibiotics and good friends who empty the wealth of their fridge cooking breakfast for you.  Joy to the world…


3 thoughts on “breakfast, and other miracles”

  1. You guys know how to play Settlers? Did I know this???? We should’ve played over Thanksgiving!
    We got your package this morning, and the present are under the tree. Thank you!!!! Anna loves her crown too. Haha. I’ll have to send you a picture. Oh, and Mark made it home. Phew.

  2. Yay!!!! I think to celebrate his return you should post a ton of pictures/videos of Anna on your blog…. WE JUST LEARNED HOW TO PLAY! I love it! I always kind of thought people who were obsessed with it were weirdos but it’s a great game!! So glad Anna likes her crown. One of her presents kind of goes with it a little….. Glad the package made it! Love you!

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