Clementine Cinnamon Rolls, Christmas pictures, etc!

These are pictures of the cinnamon rolls I made today while my amazingly handsome and wonderful husband is out deer hunting with a friend of his. I hope you are overwhelmed and impressed with the enormous quantity of rolls this is. The recipe is slightly adapted from the Pioneer Woman’s famous one, here (also the recipe used to make the ones consumed during the Miraculous Breakfast of December 20, 2010, made by amazing Julia). If I weren’t so lazy (or, if I weren’t exhausted from making so many cinnamon rolls while on round 2 of antibiotics for some form of strep throat that won’t go away) I would write out the whole recipe here.

Instead of the maple and coffee icing I used clementine zest and a little vanilla. I also would err on the side of waaaaaaaaaaaay undercooking them, because they are so good gooey. I also would urge you not to skimp on any part of this. It’s no use making this with margarine or soy milk or splenda. Trust me.

While working on these this morning (there are several long waiting periods in the recipe) I was perusing Pioneer Woman’s blog. It’s got a lot of great photography, recipes, etc. from her life on a cattle ranch. I haven’t read it in awhile, and I stumbled upon a series she wrote about how she met and was wooed by her husband.

It is the most melodramatic, amazing, hilarious thing. Wow. Definitely worthy reading for a day of cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. The last weekday of NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! (What will I do Monday when I don’t have a 4 hour stretch at home to make cinnamon rolls and read lurid love stories on other people’s blogs?????)

And here, Christmas pictures! I miss Nashville!

(Our front porch. The night before we left town for 12 days I picked up 2 poinsettias and a browning wreath that had been left at school on the last day before Christmas break.)

(Taken from my Dad’s deck– his back yard! Snow!)

(The Japanese rain drain installed by my brother in my dad’s house)

(Poor me, sick again after a twice a day for ten days dose of antibiotics! Thankfully I am married to the most amazing man in the world who made me tea on his new camping stove and let us stay in Nashville an extra day so I could recover and takes care of me when I am sick!)


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