Beautiful (Families)

This is so beautiful.  Families are beautiful. Even, maybe, “traditional” ones, whatever that means. And definitely non-traditional ones.  God passed by a little, abandoned baby one day, a dirty, foreign, naked baby girl lying in her own blood, and he adopted her (Ezekiel 16). A single dad? Or three men and a baby, if you take the trinity into account, and if you believe that God is a man?*  He takes into his family the least likely, the freaks, the mess-ups, the crazies, the ones with skin diseases, the loud-mouths. The lonely, the fearful, the sad, the angry. He adopts us. Into a family that defies traditional family values and western norms. And maybe in this family we experience a little bit of heaven.  And can it be.

*Obviously, if both men and women are made in God’s image, God is the paragon of both masculinity and femininity,  but the way some people talk you’d think that females are aliens that God invented from thin air, like aardvarks or seahorses. The word for compassion in Hebrew is racham, which means womb.


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