the obedient void

“We call it the obedient void, the void that waits on God…” (Bonhoeffer, Creation and Fall, 19).

He is speaking of the void in creation, the void that did not coerce God’s creative act through some sort of necessity, the pure void that received creation as grace, only grace.

And our selves are voids, though we do so much and try so hard to not seem so.  In discipleship we recognize this void and give it to God– we decrease, we count all positive aspects of our identity as loss, etc.  (cf.  John 3:30, Phil. 3).

The ache, the hole, the emptiness, the sense of inadequacy, the shame, everything in us that is darkness, tehom, the dark deep, the things that provoke nightmares, the terrors that paralyze our actions…. the formless void… over these things the Holy Ghost broods, and upon these things God promises to bring form, and light.

The disobedient void is the void that does not wait on God, the void that fills itself with food, tv, new things, pleasures and fantasies and dreams of all sorts.  The void that seeks self-creation.

But the obedient void waits on God.



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