a hundred more

“bring me a day full of honest work,

and a roof that never leaks,

i’ll be satisfied”

— midlake

n.b.– so not quite a hundred, but overflowing with thanks today…

(that pink tie he wears, the dinner he cooked, the perfect gift, sushi dinner someone treated us to, wind that blows the bugs away, compost, a husband who takes the compost out, the view, white table, wine, corn tortillas, good cheddar cheese, the color of pool water, chocolate chips, air conditioning, complete set of the dogmatics, email from a former professor, a perfect blanket for the bed, swallows, the turtle, buck and christy,¬†learning to hold my tongue, gospel music, singing in the car, kind words from a friend, a day of honest work, a roof that never leaks, living at the beach, “the crumbs are enough”, good timing, making it through a long week, paychecks, food in the fridge, hand-me-downs, not having to care about dents in the car, after dinner walks, pear tree, rosemary bush, a childhood not ruined with too many toys and fancy things, forgiveness, plenty of exercise running after the girl this week, a good novel or seven, losing count of all the blessings, health insurance for august, debt almost paid off, salmon cooked on cedar planks, making each other laugh, perfect tiny house to live in, the white table, moving the bedroom lamp into the living room at night, salvaged chairs on the porch….)


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