farmhouse crackers

So I decided to make some crackers today.  Crackers (good ones, at least) are oh so expensive, lots of packaging, etc.  I knew I had copied down a recipe on some scrap of paper once, for “farmhouse crackers.”  I saw it in some magazine and just longed to roll out a batch of nice, crispy crackers.  I could just imagine myself in a farmhouse kitchen, everything in warm wood and cast iron, with a fire crackling merrily in the corner, a black kettle hanging nearby, half a dozen farm children bustling about, me wearing a plain cotton dress of some sort and a kerchief on my head, with an apron and carrying a baby in one arm while I rolled out crackers with the other….

I suppose I was waiting for the whole farmhouse dream to come true before making these, but alas, here I am with the linoleum floor and electricity, but I suppose you have to make the best of trying circumstances.  There’s a sweet little horse and goat penned up not too far away, and a flock of ducks, so I suppose I am the closest to living on a farm as I have ever been before.

So, crackers.  Here is the recipe (I searched for “farmhouse crackers” because I hadn’t written down the baking time in my recipe and I found the exact recipe here.  I believe it was from Cooking Light)


1 cup whole wheat flour (you could probably substitute some flaxseed or almond flour for the regular flour to make these a little healthier!)

1 cup all purpose flour

1/2 t. baking powder

1/2 t. salt

2 T chilled butter (I used un-chilled non-hydrogenated shortening because of someone’s dairy allergy, but of course they would be better with butter)

1/3 c water

1 T whipping cream (I used half and half, you could use whole milk or even water, I’m sure)

Poppy seeds, pepper, cheese, etc. (optional for topping)


1. Pre-heat oven to 300.

2. Mix dry ingredients. (I added some garlic powder and dried onions)

3. Cut in butter (or shortening)

4. Add water and cream, stir or use hands to form a ball– will be super stiff and a little dry!

5.  Divide in half, roll one half at a time into a square (6 or 7 inches). Use a little flour to dust your rolling pin, if needed.  I used a knife to cut the edges to make a proper square, and used the edge pieces to roll out more dough.  Add poppy seeds or other toppings. Transfer square to baking sheet. Cut into 16 or 20 smaller squares.

6.  Poke each one with a fork (to prevent them from puffing up too much in the oven) and bake for about 45 minutes.

Delicious, hearty, easy.  (n.b.-– most of the poppy seeds and onions I put on before baking just came right off afterwards– maybe brush dough with egg whites before adding toppings? Next time i will probably just mix the toppings right on in.  These would be amazing with some grated asiago or parmesan or something mixed in!!)


2 thoughts on “farmhouse crackers”

    1. aw thanks, jen! i had to lighten the pictures up a little with the computer…. but the crackers turned out really tasty and pretty easy to make!

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