ithaca is gorges

We are moving to Ithaca.  And it is gorgeous.  And there are gorges.  And old barns and orchards and maple trees.  We drove up there all day Wednesday, apartment hunted for 2 straight days, and finally found a place within our budget (the main floor of a little old house right in town– finding this place was an amazing ordeal in itself and I only wish I had taken pictures of some of the places we looked at… most of which reeked so badly of mildew and mold that my nose burned and I could hardly breathe).  And the farmers’ market is like heaven.  And the movie theater only shows artsy independent films.  There’s a coffee shop that is also a butcher and you can buy organic, local sausage and bacon, and the cream for the coffee is from a local farm.  And they make breakfast sandwiches with fresh, local bacon and sausage and cheese, and, well………..  I’m sort of beside myself. More to come.


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