a day in the life

(a rug at my parents' house that i am in love with)

So John left around 6 this morning to go to work, and he won’t be home for 3 more hours (it’s like after 5 pm right now).  He’s doing something involving chainsaws and canoes today.  Yesterday it was almost going past the point of no return in a motor boat in a river that leads to a 100 foot waterfall.  You would think that I, not having a job or really anything at all to do during the day, would wake up at 5:30 and drink coffee with him, and then stand on the porch in the below 30 degree weather to wave this Indiana Jones of a husband off to work.

But no.  I stayed under the ($40 from IKEA, obsession, but more about it later) down comforter, woke up at a healthy 8:30, and proceeded to watch videos of this girl do makeup on youtube for about 3 hours.  I’m not kidding.  I also talked to my sister in law on the phone during that time span, so that’s a little productive, right?

I did accomplish a few things today. Getting out of my pjs was not one of these things.  But I did wash the towels and sheets (John swears he is getting bit by something in the night, and I saw a flea the other day, so….), email a person at a place where I am hoping to get hired (and if you are a prospective employer and you have googled my name and are reading this, even though my full name appears nowhere on this blog or the account I used to set it up, I promise I am a hard worker and will be a great asset to your company, school, etc), put clean sheets on the bed, and make chicken stock from chicken bones.

I am obsessed with making stock from chicken and beef bones, but that’s a story for another day. After all the exertion of making the stock, washing some dishes, and going up and down the basement stairs to do laundry, I decided I needed to look around on the internet some more, so I pulled up Mindy Kaling’s website.  She has a new post about this girl, Tavi, who has been in the news a bunch, because she had this fashion blog and she’s really young and awesome.

So now I’m reading her blog, and it’s just lovely.  I think she’s like 14 or so and is just precious* freaking amazing.  Part of me wants to be really annoyed because she is so brilliant and artsy and writes really well and is more successful as a teen than I am at, let’s be honest, twice her age.  But you can’t be annoyed with her because she is just so precious*absolutely amazing.  Seriously worth a read.

*Ok, “precious” just sounds condescending.  I had to change that.


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