weekends are for mindy kaling

Ok, for those of you familiar with Ann Voskamp’s blog, is the title of this post mean?  Is it?  I mean, is it ok if I am not spending my saturday morning knitting socks or taking photographs of bird’s eggs or footprints in the snow?

Or maybe I am just lashing out because I want to be like her and have 6 kids and live in a farmhouse but I’m not and I don’t and sometimes I’d rather read Mindy Kaling’s blog than poetic musings on the spiritual life?!  John may or may not be out hunting this morning, and it should be a perfect, quiet, meditative time for me to read the Bible by the light of our beautiful Christmas tree and then write a beautiful, beautiful blog post about something holy.  And I mean, it’s my blog and I could have the will power to not hit the “post” button on this, etc. I could keep this thing all somber and sappy, like Ann Voskamp (who is amazing, seriously, but sometimes it’s so sappy with all the pictures of her kids knitting and wood-working and reading shakespeare and asking if they can just not get christmas gifts but rather give money to the poor, which I think is awesome and I’m all about that, but for some reason I’ve been getting really annoyed by her lately! Ah!)

But back to Mindy Kaling, I finished reading her new blog, that I’ve mentioned here, and have moved on to read all the archives of her old blog, which can be found here.

Here’s a quote, in a post about a tunic length cashmere hoodie from Banana Republic:

“Oh, I love you, Tunic Length. Tunic Length is so rad. How decadent to have extra inches of luxurious cashmere snugly covering your ass? Strangers will think you’re an heiress. Your boyfriend will think you are a classy girl of the Jackie Onassis variety. Your friends will begin to hate you.”

It’s so amazing.  But this is the best one yet:

“Sometimes I’m more scared of mean verbose hipsters than I am of like, Muslim fundamentalists”

Aren’t we all, Mindy, aren’t we all.

Anyway, now I am feeling so tempted to try to tie this back in with advent or something, or post some pictures of my six kids doing all their homeschooling projects and learning latin or of some loaves of warm bread by the fireplace with hand-knit stockings, but I’m just going to get back to reading Mindy Kaling’s blog.



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