cheap things i’ve bought at IKEA that i love

Skubb storage boxes, white(6 for $7.99)

When John and I moved we knew that we would need some new things to help with storage.  Mostly I was tired of storing our medicine and first aid things in old cardboard shoe boxes.

So for two or three weeks before we moved, almost all I did was pour through the IKEA catalogue and dream about storage options.  And these boxes were on the top of the list.  I could have sworn I bought 2 packs of them at the store, but we ended up with only 1 pack, which is not enough! You will use these for absolutely everything. In dresser drawers to organize socks and accessories.  In the bathroom to sort medicines, toiletries, towels, etc.  These boxes also come in black and in other sizes (like larger cubes, which we also have a couple of and which I use to store towels).

Gorm pine shelving unit, $30

We bought 3 of these. (Our new house, as wonderful as it is, does not have much closet space at all, so these are sort of our make-shift closets). They are wonderful.  So much better than particle board, and they are just beautiful.  Obviously you can paint them or stain them, but we left them as they are and we love them.  And they are super easy to put together!  And by that, I mean it is super easy to watch your handsome husband put them together for you while you sit around doing practically nothing!

And the best for last….

Mysa Ronn Down Comforter (warmth rate 4), $39.99

We have been using an old fleece blanket of John’s as our comforter for the last two years, and it was perfect for Beaufort.  But we knew we would need something heavier for the North.  We looked around at down comforters, and in characteristic fashion did way too much research and got stressed out about feathers, down, fill count, or whatever all that stuff is.  And everything was over $100.  No way are we going to pay more than that for a blanket!   But in our whirlwind trip through IKEA we saw these comforters and in uncharacteristic fashion just threw it in the cart after about 30 seconds of deliberation and brought it home.  And then fell in love.

It’s amazing.  It keeps us toasty warm– even a little too warm with the thermostat on 65 degrees at night. We have been talking about turning that sucker down even more for nighttime because we stay so warm.  We don’t even have a duvet cover, and the actual cotton of the comforter is nice and crisp feeling on its own.

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