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Trader Joe’s Pre-Natal Multi-Vitamin, $6

First of all, I am NOT pregnant. I read about these multi-vitamins on, of course, Mindy Kaling’s blog.  She said they made her hair grow faster and thicker, and they said they made her skin “glow-y and smooth.”  Um, that sounds awesome, right?! She also said that she tends to gag trying to take other types of multi-vitamins, and I totally struggle with that & more often than not just didn’t take them (and I was using the easy to swallow kind from Whole Foods).

In MK’s words: “Also, these vitamins don’t smile like rotting organic material, which, though I love Whole Foods vitamins, I can’t take the daily ritual of holding back barfing when I open the jar of multi-vitamins.”

I’ve been taking these for a few weeks now, and I can’t say these have solved my skin issues, but I am taking them every day and they are great.