Holy mother of pearl.  I just watched the first episode of Prime Suspect on NBC.com and it is absolutely. out. of. this. world.  Pure genius.  Nothing to put you in the Christmas spirit like a good detective story with the most brilliantly written female detective character ever.*  Please everyone watch this show asap and tell me if you love it as much as I do.  Also, please send me some money so I can buy Maria Bello’s wardrobe!!!! Including but not limited to her hat, her big black glasses, and several nicely tailored trench coats. Thank you.

*Ok, so I don’t really watch a lot of crime shows, so there might be a more brilliantly written female detective character out there.  But probably not.

(Disclaimer: Ok, after watching the 2nd episode, this show is super, super intense. Still awesome, but intense. Ok, that’s all)

(Second disclaimer: The 3rd and 4th episodes were NOT as intense as the 2nd one was. If you get squeamish about 3 year olds getting kidnapped, please skip the 2nd episode but keep watching!!)