free things to watch online that I love: downton abbey

My precious sister-in-law mentioned this show over Christmas, and so I’ve started watching it when John is traveling for work.  It’s gorgeous.  Probably everyone already watches this, but in just in case: it’s a drama set in the home of British nobility in the 1910s.  The entire cast is exquisite, and of course, somehow Maggie Smith seems to steal the show. (How could she not with lines like (with respect to someone who had died in the house): “Of course it would happen to a foreigner.  No Englishman would dream of dying in someone else’s house.”

Downton Abbey quotations of the day:

Anna: “I love you, Mr. Bates.  I know it’s not ladylike to say it, but I’m not a lady, and I don’t pretend to be.”

Mr. Bates: “You are a lady to me, and I’ve never known a finer one.”


Lord Grantham: “I cannot use my library because one of the maids is in there applying for another job?”


One of the maids: “Heaven forfend she should have to put a comb through her own hair.”



2 thoughts on “free things to watch online that I love: downton abbey”

  1. Love.. LOVE… LOVE this show.. Watched it pretty much start to finish over several days when i was bedridden with bronchitis this fall. Turned Lisa onto it as well. She and I just watched the first episode of season 2. It is just so wonderful!

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