wonderful in-laws and a wonderful cook-book

My wonderful in-laws remembered that i mentioned the Veganomicon once, and they gave it to me for my birthday a few months ago! They are so wonderful!! This book is basically THE vegan cookbook (or one of the best, at any rate).

I’m not a strict vegetarian, let alone a vegan (how could I live without cheese?!), but this book has some of the most delicious recipes for vegetables….. and desserts…… and my old favorite, tempeh.  (And if you are not a vegan or vegetarian, but you are looking for dairy-free recipes, especially some jam filled cupcakes that taste like heaven, this book is a treasure!!!)

I made their recipe for Hot Sauce Tempeh (I think it’s called) and it was amazing.  And so easy.

You basically marinate the tempeh in some wine (red or white), hot sauce, small amount of olive oil and soy sauce, some lemon juice, a little brown sugar (I added that to the recipe), cumin, a little cayenne, and garlic.  And you sautee the tempeh with the sauce, and it’s beyond delicious.


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