(This picture was taken from the back porch of our precious cottage in Beaufort.  How I miss that view.)

“Moshe of Ujhely waited his whole life for the Messiah; he never went to bed at night without reminding his sons: ‘If he comes, wake me right away!'”

(Elie Wiesel, Souls on Fire, 165).

“Like all Hasidic Masters, he lived wholly in his expectation of the Messiah’s coming.  Mornings he would go to the window, look outside and sadly remark: ‘He has not yet come, for the world is still the same” (ibid., 86).

Two separate stories, two different men.  But the longing for the Messiah was their first thought in the morning, and their last before bed.  They lived with the stubborn and unflinching knowledge that things here are not right, and that Someone is coming to make it well.