free online list-maker: teux deux

First of all, guys, I just want to say that the internet really stresses me out.  I’m not going to get all into it right now, but I basically hate the internet. I do.  There is just too much stuff, and it stresses me out.  However, the internet is good for a few things.  Watching Downton Abbey, reading Mindy Kaling’s blog, and……… making lists.  I have been in the market for a really awesome, free task-manager or list-maker of some sort.  And I finally found it, and I love it, and I literally paused Downton Abbey to share this with you.  Guys, I did.  That’s how amazing this thing I am about to tell you is. Although maybe everyone else already knows about it, in which case you can just laugh at how behind the times I am yet again.

It’s called Teux Deux. (I just read about it on The Pioneer Woman). You can get it as an app (though it’s not free)– or, if you are one of the 3 other people in the country who doesn’t have a smart phone, you can get it on your computer for free. I signed up about 5 minutes ago and it’s amazing.  Beautiful.  And free.

With bold, energetic fonts, clean lines, no ads. And beyond easy to use. I am in list-making heaven.

The main page is basically a weekly calendar, and you can enter items to do and then drag them around (i.e., when you don’t wash your car and go to the Post Office like you were supposed to do Tuesday morning because you were watching Downton Abbey and then writing a blog post, you can move those things to Wednesday. Or Thursday.)  There’s also a category for SOMEDAY, which is great for those big things you want to keep track of but know you aren’t going to do today or tomorrow.

And uncompleted tasks are automatically rolled over to the next day!!

And once you’ve completed a task, you just click it to cross it off, and and an actual line goes through the words– very satisfying.  You can also delete completed tasks if you prefer.

You can also make headers or sub-categories in the Someday area.  So you can have a list of movies you really want to see, a list of recipes to try, a list of music to listen to, a list of professional goals, a list of activities to do with your kids, a list of people you want to stay in touch with, etc.

(Um kind of along these lines there is a really great book called Getting Things Done by David Allen.  His basic premise is that we all use a lot of mental energy holding to our lists in our heads, whether it’s the day to day things like laundry or the big, long term things that you should do or want to do etc.  So he says, listen.  Write every single thing down on pieces of paper and organize it by category, and then go through the categories and figure out what you need to do in a given day or week.  Anyway, it is extremely helpful, and I think Teux Deux is going to be the perfect platform to make that system work better– right now I have everything written on pieces of paper in file folders, and it’s great but not as great as Teux Deux is going to be.


3 thoughts on “free online list-maker: teux deux”

  1. I love it. Thanks for expressing my views on the internet so succinctly. I love the Frenchiness of the word. I will go right away. BTW, did you know I’ve had the David Allen book for years and use it?
    love, mom

    1. I’ve made my lists there and now I want to make one for school. It was fun. Ed says he’ll roll all of his over to Sunday…today he was off and had fun moving firewood around. 🙂

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