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So, the cake from yesterday (and sorry for many of the same pictures two days in a row!).  This cake is completely, completely delicious and worth making.  I’m not going to write out the recipe, because it’s somewhat involved, so I will just point you to the original on 101 Cookbooks.

BUT I will tell you the variations I did.  I made it with olive oil rather than butter.  And I used plain white sugar instead of the fancy sugar she recommends (or even the dark brown sugar she recommends if you don’t have the fancy sugar.) If you have fancy sugar, by all means, use it.

I also poured the batter into a shallower pan, not a loaf pan.  The batter filled my 11 x 7 pan pretty quickly, so I poured the remainder into a little glass pyrex dish, and that is what the pictures are from.  If you bake in shallow dishes like I did, please, please take about 5-7 minutes off the baking time from what Heidi recommends.  I took the tiny cake out, and the texture was perfect, but I left the larger cake in the full amount of time and it got a little too dry for my taste.

Anyway, this cake gets a nice, crispy texture at the top, and the rest is just dense and and almost brownie-like.  It’s perfect.  And if you substitute olive oil for butter, it’s dairy free. Definitely worth making.