So it’s been awhile since I’ve written.  Lots of traveling and visitors recently.  It’s been busy.  But wonderful.

A friend of mine recently lent me her copy of Richard Foster’s famous book, Celebration of Discipline.   I was drawn immediately to his chapter on simplicity.  I’m going to write some more about this soon, but I just wanted to share this beautiful quotation:

“The inward reality of simplicity involves a life of joyful unconcern for possessions.  Neither the greedy nor the miserly know this liberty.  It has nothing to do with possessions or their lack.  It is an inward spirit of trust.  The sober fact that a person is living without things is no guarantee that he or she is living in simplicity…   It is possible for a person to be developing an outward life-style of simplicity and to be filled with anxiety” (Foster, Richard.  Celebration of Discipline, 87).

How absolutely amazing.  I went through a bunch of drawers this past week after reading this chapter and got rid of old makeup and face creams that were several years old but which i was nevertheless holding onto.  Went through some drawers and took things to Goodwill.  Things that I wear but just have too many of.  I’m not saying that to be all like “Look how amazing and simple I am” but just that it felt really freeing to get rid of a bunch of things.  To have a little more empty space in the house.

The problem is that it is easy enough to empty out drawers of face creams and old t-shirts, but it is entirely different to empty the heart of the kind of miserly anxiety that Foster is describing.  Anyway, more about this soon.


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