Cheap Things I’ve Bought That I Love: Castile Soap

Oh Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap.  This stuff is wonderful.  I started using it back in high school for backpacking trips because it’s biodegradable.  It’s super concentrated (so you waste less packaging), organic, and fair trade.  And the peppermint smell is just invigorating, clean, and fresh.  They sell other scents (lavender, orange, etc.) and you can also buy it in bar form.

So most commercial hand and body soaps contain sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates and other harsh chemicals that strip your skin and cause some pretty nasty things to happen once they disappear down the drain.  Dr. Bronner’s soaps are a good way to be better to your skin and the environment.

A 32 oz. bottle can cost anywhere from $9 (at Trader Joe’s) to about $13 or $14, which might seem like a lot for soap.  But it’s super concentrated, so a bottle lasts forever.  I’ve been using the same bottle for over 3 months for hand soap in the kitchen and bathroom, bathing soap, and shaving cream.  I think I can get another month or 2 from the same bottle.


* Dilute with equal part water for hand soap ( just pour into your hand soap dispenser when it’s empty, and refill as needed)

* Dilute with equal part water for bath soap & shaving cream

* Pour 1/3 c. into running bath water for a good bath

* Shampoo

* Baths for infants and children– when I have kids I will use unscented Dr. Bronner’s for their baths and hair washing, no question.

* Pour 1/3 cup into a bucket of warm water and use for mopping and other cleaning

* Dish washing detergent (recipe here)


Trader Joes has the best price on this stuff, but you can buy it at most grocery stores (even Target carries it now!).  Or order it from here and get $5 off with coupon code WER470 (and free shipping on orders over $20).

Also: Dish Towels that I Love

I also bought these dish towels at IKEA recently for 79 cents apiece.  They are wonderful.  Simple, clean, soft, with a bright red stripe down each side.  So cheerful and adorable.  They remind me of France…

More Info about Castile Soap

Information and uses

Homemade Shampoo using Dr. Bronner’s

4 Ways to Simplify Your Bathroom


2 thoughts on “Cheap Things I’ve Bought That I Love: Castile Soap”

  1. Laurie, can you put the best info, like uses for the soap and recipes for dish soap into a word doc so I can print it?
    love you

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