Chocolate Cake for Breakfast, or Why I Love Buckwheat

Someone bought me some gorgeous pink gerber daisies the day before yesterday.  And today I ate chocolate (buckwheat) cake for breakfast.  Oh decadence!  Oh joy!

So I have been trying to eat less wheat recently, inspired by some gorgeous cooking blogs (here and here).  I’m also hoping to see if avoiding gluten will help my skin improve a little.  So. One of the things I’ve been cooking with is buckwheat.  I recently made some buckwheat almond crepes  and yesterday I made The Chocolate Cake with buckwheat instead of regular flour (I also used agave nectar instead of sugar and coconut oil instead of butter).

Buckwheat, Nutrition and Health benefits

Buckwheat is actually not a grain, like wheat, barley, etc; it’s the seed of a fruit related to sorrels and rhubarb.  Buckwheat flour has almost a bluish hue to it, and possesses a haunting, earthy quality that for some may be an acquired taste.  To me, it tastes like France, and I think it goes perfectly with chocolate.  Hence, the chocolate cake.

Buckwheat is gluten free, high in fiber (4 grams per 1/4 cup serving) and triptophan, magnesium, B vitamins, and rich in the antioxidant rutin.  It also contains 4 grams of protein per serving, and its protein contains all 8 essential amino acids.

Studies show that buckwheat may help to lower the blood glucose levels of diabetics.

Keep buckwheat flour in an airtight container, and store in the fridge to preserve nutrient content.

Ways to try Buckwheat

Japanese soba noodles (see here for a must-cook soba recipe)

Make the most delicious chocolate cake (from 101 Cookbooks; just substitute buckwheat for spelt, and err far on the side of undercooking, trust me)

Raw buckwheat breakfast porridge (from a great blog called Oh She Glows)

Galettes (French buckwheat crepes)

Buckwheat Butter Cookies (also 101 Cookbooks)

Buckwheat Almond Crepes

Raw buckwheat honey (will be darker than most other honeys and contain enormous amounts of antioxidants)

More Information/Sources

Detailed health information

More health benefits


5 thoughts on “Chocolate Cake for Breakfast, or Why I Love Buckwheat”

  1. Nice post! Buckwheat has never looked so decadent. 🙂

    Also, thanks for the info on buckwheat. I knew it didn’t have gluten, but I didn’t know much else about it.

    1. Yeah, after doing some research on it I am super impressed. I’m going to try to cook with it much more often!

    1. Oh, try it, try it! Let me know what you think if and when you do. It does have a somewhat distinctive flavor to it…. But I love the taste, and I think the fact that it contains so much protein makes it a really good staple for frugal, filling meals.

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