simple spring salad

Sometimes, when you have some really nice, fresh greens the best thing to do is just drizzle them with a little extra virgin olive oil and a few grinds of fresh salt and pepper.  If no one is around, you can eat the leaves one by one with your hands, licking drops of golden oil and salt off your fingers after each small bite.  Oh greens in the first flush of spring: perilla, mache, pea tops, mizuna, purslane,  escarole.  Please find yourself a farmers’ market tomorrow and buy some.  Eat them with olive oil and salt and be happy!



4 thoughts on “simple spring salad”

    1. No, it’s some silverplate that I bought at an antique store to sell on etsy… But it hasn’t sold yet, so I just use it for pictures! Love you Mom!

    1. Lovely! There’s just something so wonderful about eating food in its most pristine form in the springtime….

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