Eating from the Pantry: Simple Black Beans

Our eating from the pantry experiment is going well.   Lots of meals of beans and lentils and pasta.  Some sardine, sun dried tomato, and leek tarts that turned out to be delicious but not so photogenic.

Now we only have one onion left.  One onion for 6 days.  And I am yearning for some chocolate.  But otherwise, it’s been really wonderful to just work with what we have, eat more mindfully.  Appreciate each slice of bread and each pat of dwindling butter.

A few days ago I cooked a batch of black beans from scratch.  I left them in the fridge, soaking in some salt, garlic powder, and the small amount of cooking water that was left in the pot.

Today, I cooked some diced onion and garlic in a pot and added the beans.  I meant to add hot sauce or spices or something, but I tried a bite just as it was, and well, it was sort of a revelation.

These beans, cooked from scratch, didn’t need anything else.  You could just taste the simple, sweet creaminess of the actual beans.

And I think it’s good to eat like this once in a while.  Or maybe often.  To remember just how overstimulated and overfed we are.  To slow down and think that there are people sitting outside the gates, so to speak, who would give anything for scraps from our sumptuous tables.  Real people.

Maybe if we could eat less (expensively), they could eat more?


3 thoughts on “Eating from the Pantry: Simple Black Beans”

    1. Awesome! Yeah, it’s like spring cleaning for the pantry…. It’s been really refreshing (although hard!)…

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