Cake Mix, and the Worship of Food

So I was looking around on facebook recently and I stumbled across the page of some natural/cooking blog, which looked like something I would be interested in.  So I took a look at it, and in one of the wall posts this woman noted:

“I just read a recipe for a cake. Ingredients and directions? Buy box of cake mix and make according to directions. Frost with store-bought vanilla frosting. Decorate with sprinkles. Thank you. I could figure that out on my own. :-P”

So, ok.  Sure.  I mean obviously whoever wrote the “recipe” she was talking about was being a little tongue-in-cheek.  I mean, I think it’s kind of funny.  Cake mix, ha ha. But what followed her post were about a dozen comments that got downright nasty.  Guys! I mean, I feel a little upset about this!  So I am quoting all of them here, in order, and I want to hear what y’all think about this stuff… This is what people had to say about the cake mix “recipe”:


“I find recipes that say homemade in the title and then they require a boxed item to make it, crazy.”

“making a yummy GF carrot cake tonight. annoyingly long list of ingredients but sooo good.”

“Open eyes. Pull back covers. Put feet on floor…..”

“I just made a chocolate cake with soaked flour, pasture butter and sweetened with raw honey. It’s really good.”

“HA! I love the “recipes” that say something like “Only 3 ingredients!!” and they are all boxed/canned. There’s a lot more than three ingredients in that.”

“Haha lol i know really.”

“Ughh, seriously! I hate when I open up something on Pinterest, only to see that the first ingredient is “white cake mix” or something like that. It’s like oookkk, close link, good bye!”

“Can I just say….. yuck!? homemade with quality ingredients is soooo much better.”

“What gets me is when I follow a blog for healthy meal recipes and then a dessert post comes around and the blogger uses a cake mix! I’ve seen them bash certain processed foods or artificial ingredients and then it’s like whaaaaat?”

Ok, I just wanted to get that out of my system.  I mean, I am all for making things from scratch and eating healthy food, but guys…. wow……… Do we need to be quite that vehemently against people who make cakes from a box?  Who use some ingredients that are already mixed together in a box, or contain gluten, or don’t feature carrots?

Is it right for so much moral indignation to be unleashed on cake mix?  Or are there, perhaps, places of greater need, greater injustice in the world that could use our attention?  Is food our religion, and are we becoming radical fundamentalists…. about diet?

Has our insatiable lust for food perfection led us to become, well, jerks? I mean, reading those comments made me so upset, and then I realized that I probably sound like that some of the time (do I?  I mean, you guys would tell me if I sound like a total jerk, right?)…

Ok, sorry for the onslaught of rhetorical questions.  I just wonder if it’s possible to care about eating healthy food but also to be ok with using cake mix once in awhile.  Or at least allowing space in our heart that extends grace to people who do?  (Please, please tell me what you guys think about this….)


4 thoughts on “Cake Mix, and the Worship of Food”

  1. Some people are so tired from working to support their families, like single moms, and it is sometimes a huge sacrifice of time to bake cupcakes for kids’ birthdays for school from a mix and get them to school. Folks should do what they want and what they can fit into their lives. 🙂

  2. 🙂 some one looked down on me beacause I used canned diced tomatoes in the salsa recipe you gave me…..but they will use canned beans… Teehee! Love this blog sista! Co

    1. That’s hilarious (and also makes me a teensy bit mad at whoever that was but whatever…. I just don’t want anyone messing with you!) We all use so many things that are pre-made and pre-packaged. No sense in acting superior about the very few things we might make from scratch. Anyway. I miss you Cray! How has cooking/life been lately?

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