Farmers’ Market 6.23

John went with me to the market this morning.  It isn’t has favorite thing in the world to do, so sometimes I go alone while he mows the yard.  But it’s always more fun when he comes with me. We bought some basil and tomato plants, a bag of spinach, and a half pint of currants.  Does anyone have ideas for currants?  (They are just a shade too tart to eat plain, alas.)  Preferably ideas that don’t involve the oven?  Without an air conditioner it’s been too warm inside to bake much…

I had to resist with all my might buying one of these little bunches of lavender (above).  Maybe next week I will.


2 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market 6.23”

  1. Wow. Those are beautiful! I’ve never bought currants, so I’m of no help, but am curious to see what kinds of answers you get. Looks like a lovely market.

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