Kale and Beet Chips

My good friend Elizabeth is in town, and she had the amazing idea of trying to make some vegetable chips out of kale, sweet potatoes, and beets.  I had been wanting to try this forever, so we stocked up at the farmers’ market and rolled up our sleeves for an epic afternoon of baking.  Without air conditioning, and between 90 degree weather outside and the oven on inside, we were working in a 90 degree kitchen, sometimes a little over.  It was amazing.  And worth it.

The kale turned out great (though we burned the first couple of batches!), but the beets and sweet potatoes got soggy after spending their first night in a closed container (we think they might have crisped up a little more if we left them out).  But the few crispy ones we had were delicious.  So, so delicious, and pretty as a picture.

I’m not going to include a recipe here, because our chips started to burn long before most of the recommended times, and in our own attempts we didn’t ever find the perfect oven temperature or length of baking time.  We just checked the oven every minute or two until they seemed done.  I think it just depends on your oven and how thin you slice the veggies.  But here are a few links to other people’s recipes.  These are definitely worth a try.

La Tartine Gourmande (beet chips– these are fried, which I think might produce better, and quicker, results than baking, at least for beets and sweet potatoes!)

Smitten Kitchen (kale chips– these are baked)


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