Cucumber Lemon Water

Beautiful, thundery morning in Ithaca.  I woke up early and read The Silver Chair on the couch for an hour or so before John woke up.  When he woke up we sat on the porch watching the rain and talking about our tiny garden and plans for the day.

I’ve been making a big pitcher of lemon water lately– just squeezing one lemon into a 2-liter jar.  Sometimes I add some slices of cucumber to it.

Lemon water is really helpful for maintaining bright, clear skin, and cucumber is also beneficial for the skin, containing plenty of anti-oxidants and helping to reduce inflammation in the body.  Cucumber also is a gentle diuretic and helps to cleanse the digestive system (which in turn helps to clear the skin).

Give yourself an easy, nearly free spa day:  drink lots of lemon cucumber water (or just lemon water if that’s all you have), take a break from makeup, and avoid sugar and bread-y food.  Do some yoga if you’re into that, or just remind yourself to take really long, deep, deliberate breaths as often as you can remember. If you have time, do a little facial at home, like these or this one with just honey, lemon juice, and banana.  Also, check out this article for an ayurvedic weekend detox or this 7 Day Detox plan (though not if you’re pregnant or nursing!).

Cucumber Lemon Water

1 lemon

1/4 c. sliced cucumber

2 liters of water

Squeeze lemon juice (through a strainer if you want to keep the seeds out) into the water.  Add cucumber slices.  Stir or shake to help the juices blend into the water.  (Store in the fridge.  Best to drink this within 2 days.  After that, discard and make a fresh batch).


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