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Great article called “Constraint and Consent, Career and Motherhood” that investigates the popular notions of “balance” and “having it all” in women’s lives, which are (like all lives) bound by “intrinsic constraints.”  What does it mean to live faithfully in the midst of those constraints?  Here’s an excerpt:

“In her essay ‘Paying Attention To The Sky,’ the late French philosopher Simone Weil writes, ‘the effective part of [our] will is not effort, which is directed toward the future.  It is consent…’ And for women, Christian women in particular, seeking to make sense of what can at times feel like incongruent callings, longings, or responsibilities, coming to understand our lives in terms of willful and intentional consent is far more sustainable than it is to orient our lives around perpetual striving or greater efforts to ‘balance.’ ”

Would love to hear people’s thoughts about this.