Farmers’ Market 8.11

I can’t believe it’s already August. Some yellow leaves have been falling from a tree across the street, and it’s getting down to the 50s at night. It’s still hot during the day, and our house is still usually over 80 degrees inside all the time, but it is starting to feel like fall.  There are already apples at the farmers’ market.  And pears and plums and so many tomatoes and peppers that I think my heart broke a little today that I couldn’t buy them all.

(Apples are from Littletree Orchard in Newfield, NY.  They also sell homemade doughnuts at their little stand, and I don’t know why I didn’t buy one this morning.  Next week I will, so stay tuned.)

With my $20 I bought 4 pounds of some good sturdy paste tomatoes (not the ones in the picture above) and about a dozen tiny pears. I’m going to attempt to dehydrate the tomatoes in the oven.  Fingers crossed (and does anyone have any advice)?  Oh, I only spent $15 on those purchases, and I saved $5 for a little liver and some ground beef at The Piggery.  I love the Piggery.  They are in the process of moving the butchery counter to another side of the building, so they were giving out free coffee this morning.  Free, fair trade, organic coffee in a compostable cup.  I love Ithaca.


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